Datasheets from the components used in the PICbasic projects from this website.
All datasheets are in Adobe's PDF format.

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Datasheets from all 8-bit PIC's
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Datasheets on numeric order:
4N25 Optocoupler with phototransistor output (Also 4N35)
X9C103 EEPOT digital 10k potmeter (Also X9C102, X9C104 and X9C503)
24LC512 512k I2C CMOS serial EEPROM
QT110 Touch sensor
QT114 Waterlevel sensor
MAX232 Dual EIA-232 drivers/receivers
L293D Motor driver
LM358 Low power dual operational amplifier (Also LM158, LM258 and LM2904)
SLB0587 Dimmer IC for (halogen) lamps
SAB0600 3 tone gong (Also SAB0601 and SAB0602)
BD681 Power darlington transistor (Also BD677, BD678, BD679, BD680 and BD682)
SAE800 Programmable 1, 2 and 3 tone gong
PC827 Dual optocouplers
TSOP1736 Infrared receiver
DS18B20 High precision 1-wire digital thermometer 12-bits
DS18S20 High precision 1-wire digital thermometer 9-bits
ULN2003A Seven darlington arrays (Also ULN2001A, ULN2002A and ULN2004A)
U2008B Phase control circuit
ULN2803A Eight darlington arrays (Also ULN2801A, ULN2802A, ULN2804A and ULN2805A)
UDN2981A Eight source drivers (Also UDN2982) (Equivalent from TD62783)
SAA3049 Infrared remote control decoder
PCF8583 Clock / calendar with 240 × 8-bit RAM
CM8870 DTMF decoder
MCP41010 Single digital potmeter with SPI interface (Also MCP41050 and MCP41100)
HD44780 LC-Display driver
3570-1210 DIL reedrelais 1 normally open
3572-1220 DIL reedrelais 2 normally open