Programmer PICFlash2 or EasyPIC connected to PIC Basic

The PICFlash2 programmer is build in the EasyPIC5 development board.
This development board can be connected to Proton PIC Basic IDE.

First select View in the menu bar from Proton PIC Basic IDE and next
Compile and Program Options...

1. Click on tab Programmer and then click Install New Programmer...

2. Select Create a custom programmer entry and click Next >.

3. Type the name PICFlash2 and click Next >.

4. Type filename PICFLASH.exe and click Next >.

5. Click on Find Manually...

6. Search the Mikroelektronica folder.
Normally in the Program Files folder.
Open the folder Program Files by double clicking on it.

7. Search the foldername Mikroelektronika and double click to open this folder.

7a. Now click the foldername PICFLASH-mikroICD and click on it so that it becomes blue and click next on OK.

8. Check if there stays c:\program files\mikroelektronika\picflash-mikro on the screen.
If it's not then you've done something wrong (< Back).
Is it allright then click Next >.


9. Fill in the next line (the line on the image hereabove isn't complete):

-e -w -p$target-device$ -v -f"$hex-filename$"

These parameters are executed when hit in Proton PIC Basic F10 or F11:
- the PIC will first be erased
- the HEX from the PIC Basic program will be programmed into the PIC
- verifying PIC memory with the original HEX

Place also -q will close PICFlash2 automatically after PIC programming.

10. Finally click OK.

From now on you can run PICFlash2 in the PIC Basic IDE
by pressing F10 (with compiling) or F11 (without compiling).

Compile the currently active editor page.
The compile button will generate a *.HEX file.

Compile the currently active editor page, generate a *.HEX file and run PICFLASH.exe from where you can program the PICmicro.
(F10 is a combination from F9 and F11)

The F11 key runs PICFlash2 automatically, without compiling.