Projects to build by yourself with PIC's

Wireless remote controlled projects

Do you want to remote control the dim-level from the lighting, open and close the sun-blind and windows, turn the central heating on and off, and plenty more in your house with a normal TV remote control?
Realize it with the projects underneath.

(More projects on the Dutch part)

Wireless controlled lightdimmer
Universal RC5/RC6 IR transmitter/receiver (transceiver)
The TV-remote RC5/RC6 codes on a LCD
10 output's (or more) wireless controlled with a normal TV remote control
Build an infrared (IR) RC5 remote control to your own wishes

DCF77 projects

Digital DCF77 clock with LCD and gong
DCF77 clock-thermostat

Other projects

You can modify every project to your own wishes, when you have the Proton PIC Basic compiler.

Program PIC's safely with the low cost Galva-Wisp PIC programmer    =TIP=
Build your own Caller Line Identification (CLI) (Caller ID)

Mechanical projects

An electric window in your house