Electric window in your house

Those who are a bit handy make the windows in his house automatic with an electric motordrive.
The drive comes from a motor from Conrad.
With the use of the PIC project 10 output's (or more) wireless controlled with a normal TV remote control you can open and close the window with a normal (RC5) TV remote control.

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Make a window-opener by yourself with simple materials.

Aluminiumstrip:  110 x 20 x 2mm
Metal strip:  100 x 15 x 10mm
Angular metal:  Small
Motor:  RB-35 1:600



The distance between the holes in the aluminiumstrip is 95mm.
The distance between the holes in the metal strip is 75mm.
In the metal strip comes at right angles to the Ø6mm hole for the motor-shaft, a hole with thread in it.
The screw which comes in there, comes on the flat part of the motor-shaft, to provide it against slipping.
I've made also a saw cut in the metal strip to squeeze the metal strip on the motor-shaft, but this isn't really necessary.

The two hinges are made from a screw and 2 nuts.
Twist the screw and one nut in such a way that there is a little play left so that the two parts can hinge to each other.
A second (contra)nut with a springring between it are twist against each other.

Window closed. Window starts opening... Window is almost opened...
Window is opened within 3 seconds.

There isn't make use of endswitches, the steering "knows" howlong it takes to open or close the window and after that time the power is switched off.
With a relay or a motordrive IC (i.e. L293) is it possible to turn the motor left- and right.

When the window-opener works good it is possible to place a net with Velcro®, on this way is it always possible to remove the net.

The motor which is used here has a lot of power (60N/cm).
12V / 80mAh, 10 rpm/min, shaft Ø6mm, motor Ø34mm, gearbox Ø37mm.

Orderno. 22 19 36
Order the motor by Conrad (1:600).
Orderno. 22 04 45
Motorholder, I've made one by myself with an angular metal. (see photo's)

Conrad transmissionmotors
Datasheet motor RB35.pdf