Wireless 10 channel receiver

This project can steer 10 different things wireless with the use of a normal TV-remote-control with the RC5 protocol, from manufacters like Philips, Grundig and Marantz.
If the Proton PIC Basic compiler is available, then you can ofcourse change the number of channels.

Use it as follows:
When 'TV' mode is selected on your remote-control, you can with the buttons 0 through 9 on it, steer 10 outputs on and off.
When there is an unused system on your remote-control (SAT, AMP, DCC, VCR2) then the code in the PIC can be changed with the remote-control to another system.
This goes as follows:
Switch the power from the PIC to OFF.
Select an unused system on the remote-control (like SAT, AMP, DCC or VCR2).
Push a button (0-9) on the remote-control and keep it pressed while switching the power from the PICmicro ON.
If the LED blinks a couple of times slow, then the new system is programmed in EEPROM.
Now the buttons 0-9 works only when the remote-control stands in the just programmed system mode.
The LED burns continue while a valid button from a valid system is received and blinks fast when an invalid IR-code is received.

'System' means equipment like TV, VCR, TAPE, SAT, etc.
'Command' means buttons on the remote like 0-9, I/II, PLAY, STOP, etc.
A push on a button from the RC5 remote-control sends: a header, a togglebit, an extended (7th) command bit, a 5 bit system-code and a 6 bit command code.
When the received system-code is equal to the programmed one in the EEPROM from the PIC, then the command-code is executed.
The programs are based on the 14-pins 16F630, but they can ofcourse make workable for almost every type PIC.
To see what system- and command-code's your remote-control sends, you can build an other (easy) project: RC5/RC6 codes on a LC-Display
That project displays the IR-code's on LCD so this project can be extend to steer much more channels wireless (till 127 outputs!) with for example the 74HC595.

There are two different .HEX programs for downloading.

Program 1
The outputs from the program RC5TOGGL.HEX changes always from level, thus a push on button '3' from the remote control makes output 3 high until another push on button '3' is happend.

Program 2
The program RC5PULSE.HEX only pulses the output, thus if the button from the remote control is released then the output goes back to low level again.

Attention: The TSOP1736 (= 36kHz IR-receiver)must connected via a 470Ω resistor to +5V and over the + and - pin a tantalium capacitor of minimal 1µF!



Output 0---
TSOP1736 Signal---
Output 9---
Output 8---
Output 7---

---Output 1
---Output 2
---Output 3
---Output 4
---Output 5
---Output 6

  -+ S


(HEX file V-3 is an improved version)

Program 1:
Download RC5TOGGL.HEX, V-3 file to program in a PIC16F630
Download RC5_Toggle_V-1_UK.bas, the sourcecode for PIC Basic

Program 2:
Download RC5PULSE.HEX, V-3 file to program in a PIC16F630
Download RC5_Pulse_V-1_UK.bas, the sourcecode for PIC Basic