Program the *.HEX file into the PIC itself

Description only for Wisp628, Wisp648 and Galva-Wisp PIC programmers

Connect the Wisp programmer to the PIC.
The next adjustments are already set after installing BumbleBee 4.0:

1. Leaving it on Auto is the best choice.
Proton PIC Basic will give the targetname automatically to BumbleBee.

2. Choose a port which is free on your PC or laptop.
Connect the Wisp PIC programmer to this port.

3. Click Settings.
Choose Baudrate, select 19200 Baud.
Users from a Galva-Wisp must also activate RTS and deactivate DTR.
(For a Wisp628 and Wisp648 this doesn't matter).

4. Choose Open file.

5. Adjust Auto-reload to Yes.

6. Select Configure execute list and give Enter.

7. Clik on Select All and then click OK.
Selecting this executes this list automatically by one click on a button.

Programming the PIC itself

When using BumbleBee V3.0 (or higher) it can do this by one click on a button.

One click on the Execute list button programs the PIC,
with the parts which are selected in the 'Configure execute list'.

Now the HEX file is programmed in the PIC.


Mini window

It is possible to place BumbleBee constantly on your screen.

Click therefore on Settings and select Mini window.

This is the mini window.

Click with your mouse on the place where BumbleBee - cursus.hex stays.
Keep the mousebutton pressed and place the little BumbleBee to the place where you want it,
for example right-above in the PIC Basic window.