Couple PICkit2, Wisp648 or Galva-Wisp programmer with PIC Basic IDE

PIC Basic has nothing to do with programming from the target PIC itself.
When you compile a PIC Basic program, the compiler creates a *.HEX file.
This *.HEX file is the file which must be programmed into the target PIC.
Programming the *.HEX file into the PIC happens by the program which belongs by the used PIC programmer.

Every PIC programmer have his own PC software.
Also the PICkit2, Wisp628, Wisp648 and Galva-Wisp programmers.

The Wisp648 is from Voti, more information about this programmer see
The Galva-Wisp is the programmer from this website (a galvanic separated Wisp628)

Both Wisp programmers use the same PC software and therefore you have the choise between 3 programs.
Click the program from your choise:

Recommended for beginners  > BumbleBee is a program which works directly under Windows and is recommended for beginners.
It is a user friendly Windows program.
XWisp is the original program from
The new XWisp is much easier to install than earlier versions.
XWisp2 is a slightly different program then XWisp.
XWisp2 does not support the 10Fxxx PIC's and some 12Fxxx PIC's (yet).
XWisp2 runs also on Linux and eComStation.


Couple PICkit2 with Proton PIC Basic IDE

PICkit2 PIC programmer from Microchip, producer from the PICmicro chips.


Couple PICFlash programmer or EasyPIC protoboard with Proton PIC Basic IDE

PICFlash2 PIC programmer is build in the development board EasyPIC5.